Service Request

Please notify your office's Tenant Representative to submit an online service request. Security officers, janitorial and engineering personnel cannot accept your work order request.

Tenants may request services online as well as view status reports through the Angus Online Tenant Service Request System. Simply complete the Angus Setup Form with the names, suite numbers, telephone numbers and email addresses for any employees on your staff who will be making service requests and return the form to the Management Office via fax or email. Each staff member listed will receive an email with a user name and password to sign in. Log on at anytime to submit service requests and review the progress of your previous service requests.

All appliances such as icemakers, refrigerators, dishwashers, hot water heaters, lines for coffee makers and wet bars should be carefully maintained by each tenant. We ask you to ensure that materials such as coffee grounds, food, or trash are not being washed down the sink drain as they will cause the lines to become clogged. There is a labor charge to clear sink lines within your office space. Tenants are responsible for damage to the building or to the premises of other tenants caused by their appliances. To help minimize water damage, please report any sign of leaks or even suspicions of water leaks immediately. Whenever plumbing service is required, please contact the Management Office.

Above building standard requests may incur a labor fee. Labor is charged at $60.00 per hour with a $35.00 minimum. Your written approval will always be requested before above building standard work will be performed. Such work would include repairing and changing door locks to and within your office space and maintenance to certain appliances as listed herein.

Click here for the Angus Setup Form

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